History Lives On through Dealers like Nola

antiques history quote

antiques history quote

“I love the things that have history…the things that were well used, but also well cared for.”


Nola Barger, our Dealer of the Month, has been buying and selling in some capacity for over 30 years, and has two booths at Antiques Iowa.  On a cold Tuesday night in January, she spent a few minutes chatting with me and showing off some of her favorite pieces.

Nola’s items reflect her love of old pieces with a rich past.

A vintage coat, undoubtedly worn many times to and from church.

vintage coat

Childrens’ toys, from a time when toyrooms and Walmart didn’t exist.

vintage toys

Vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls


A 75 year old, hand painted chair from Mexico.

Antique handmade chair

handpainted chair detail

IMG_7728(rev 0)

Quilts pieced together carefully, not purchased from a department store.


Vintage Valentines, to show your love.

Old Valentine's Cards

Bright and fun kitchen furniture, straight out of Mayberry.

Vintage kitchen table and stool

An antique treadle sewing machine, well-worn, but well cared for, too.

antique sewing machine


All of these items have a story, and dealers like Nola help share that story with others.

But Nola’s favorite piece, and the piece that might have the biggest story to tell, is this memory jug.

Memory Jug Antique

Memory jugs, also called Forget-me-not jugs, memory vessels, mourning jugs, spirit jars, ugly jars, whatnot jars and whimsy jars, were one way to memorialize a loved one after their death.  They were popular during the Victorian era, but Nola guesses this one to be a bit older, from the mid 1800s.  It is fascinating to examine the jug and imagine the life it represents.

memory jug closeup

memory jug

Next time you visit Antiques Iowa, take a few minutes to appreciate all of the history within.  From the everyday, well-used items, to the antique decorative treasures, everything we have tells a story of generations past.


One thought on “History Lives On through Dealers like Nola

  1. Hi Kim, forgot to stop today, wanted to tell you that March 8th is our Antique Sale in DM. I have put all the crystal items on mom’s table now for sale, they are not going to take any of it, so wondered if you or any of your friends would like to consider coming up to see it? Have sold some, priced $5 – $35 for most of it, so the price is right. Would love to move it all at once, it is really nice. She is taking the pink Depression Glass though, so that will help. Let me know, can meet you most any time. Judy


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