Weighting For Spring

Antiques Iowa 02 05 2014 001

I just came back from a short vacation to Arizona.  I got a chance to do some antiquing there.  I was amazed at the price of the vintage kitchen scales.  I found them in shops for $85 – $125.00.


We have lots of scales here at Antiques Iowa and they do sell well.   I think because they remind of our mothers and grandmothers baking.   Every kitchen must have had a scale.

Antiques Iowa 02 05 2014 012

Maybe we collect scales because we are also more weight conscious than our parents.  There was definitely a lot of emphasis on that with Christmas shopping and the new tech bands that you wear daily to tell you how you are doing on your goals.  Gosh I hate dieting!  I was raised in a meat & potatoes home with desert served after every lunch & dinner.   Simply yummy.

Everything was made with butter and sugar.   So, of course, I only use butter (not margarine) and I make simply yummy things, just like my mom. Antiques Iowa 02 05 2014 015

Anyway, back to scales…they were listed by CLM one of top five collectibles for 2014.Antiques Iowa 02 05 2014 004

Scales: a system or series of marks used for measuring or registering length or weight, an outer protective layer made up of flat, rigid overlapping plates, to climb up something, to remove thin layers, the ratio between dimensions, proportions on a map.Antiques Iowa 02 05 2014 007

Kitchen scales are easy to find in Iowa and rather inexpensive.  I see one at every auction. We have some larger scales here at Antiques Iowa too.Antiques Iowa 02 05 2014 010


What can you do with scales? I use them as plant stands and as podiums for other unusual things and podiums for other scales! I love the old, crusty paint.

I love the vintage faces that still work…haven’t broken over time.      Antiques Iowa 02 05 2014 013Antiques Iowa 02 05 2014 014

So while you’re “weighting for Spring”  come on in and take a measure of all that Antiques Iowa has to offer.   We are open every day  10am – 7pm in March!


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