Antiques Iowa has great stuff for your college apartment!  Just remember to bring Mom/Dad or the Grands to pay for it…or their credit card.   Every day our Dealers bring in cool, kitschy stuff.  Wouldn’t it be great to have your own candy/peanut machines? 




Way back in my prehistoric    college years our only Freshman/Sophmore choice was dorm living.  

Dorms aren’t fun.  There is simply no room to be creative.   Apartments are much better.  You can DECORATE!  You can express yourself! You can put up stuff that Mom & Dad would never allow in their house.  You can collect Bar-memorabilia!

  046This VINTAGE 1960’s couch is CHEAP at Antiques Iowa and here are three more options of unique seating for your new apartment!

  Antiques Iowa 7 30 14 032Antiques Iowa 7 30 14 016 Antiques Iowa 7 30 14 011


Here some really creative stuff that you can buy at Antiques Iowa if you don’t have time to create it yourself!   School will start & so will the homework….so get your space ready to enjoy. 


Old trunks make great storage…coffee tables…end tables…nightstands.  Just be careful that when your parents visit…they don’t take it home with them. 

Antiques Iowa 7 30 14 025Antiques Iowa 7 30 14 001

Antiques Iowa 7 30 14 002Antiques Iowa 7 30 14 003

Why buy a new Target mirror when this one is so much cooler!  And the mall is full of great frames for pictures or anything else you want to emphasize.










Antiques Iowa 7 30 14 005Antiques Iowa 7 30 14 004Antiques Iowa 7 30 14 008Tables & chairs…tables & chairs…tables & chairs!  We have a great selection at Antiques Iowa! 


Antiques Iowa 7 30 14 006












I can just see you using  these great folding chairs for your next study session – LOL!   But you are also ready for expected or unexpected company…Let’s party!  BYOB of course!  And those kitschy suitcases…even for under-bed storage. You can never have enough storage.  The framed deck of cards is so artsy…a great gift for anyone who loves playing cards.  What could you make out of the chicken/turkey feeder…looks like a light fixture to me?


Antiques Iowa 7 30 14 007


Cool College Stuff at Antiques Iowa…AND this is just a sample!  Visit us any day of the week & anytime between 10am –7pm!  ANY DAY!


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