Antiques Iowa has great stuff for your college apartment!  Just remember to bring Mom/Dad or the Grands to pay for it…or their credit card.   Every day our Dealers bring in cool, kitschy stuff.  Wouldn’t it be great to have your own candy/peanut machines?    Way back in my prehistoric    college years our only Freshman/SophmoreContinue reading “COOL COLLEGE…JUNK STUFF!”

SUMMER was my vacation!

***Antiques Iowa is having a 4th of July Weekend SALE & all photos featured in the blog post are mall merchandise! *** My favorite summer vacations – well I didn’t have any real ones, like when as a family you traveled to the Black Hills etc., saw stuff & stayed in a motel or cabin.  Continue reading “SUMMER was my vacation!”

Dealer Spotlight: Ronda’s Booths have Vintage Style

Many of our booths have a smattering of vintage style – purses, jewelry and hats can be found throughout the mall. And for Antiques Iowa dealer Ronda Swyter, those items are some of her favorites to sell.   Ronda has been collecting for years.  Her parents always had some sort of collection, and she hasContinue reading “Dealer Spotlight: Ronda’s Booths have Vintage Style”


SPRING BREAK SALE MARCH 14TH – 24TH Last weekend, Antiques Iowa was crazy busy. Spring was sweetly warming up our days. Everyone was out enjoying. I thought that I would just take some pictures of green glass in Antiques Iowa.                     May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light. MayContinue reading “SPRING BLESSINGS!”

New Year: New Resolutions

What is this all about? I’m more than halfway through January and I’m finally thinking about resolutions? No, I’m thinking about sticking with resolutions that I made on Jan. 1st.  How long does it take you to forget your New Year’s Resolutions? This year, I’m going to 1. Make time for more fun and moreContinue reading “New Year: New Resolutions”